DIY Film Gear for the Not So Serious Film Maker

Lately I’ve been working a bit as a “film maker” to promote products I’ve developed for clients.  I really do not deserve to be doing this, taking work away from those who have devoted years of study and sweat and tears.  But I like it and clients love it I have very fond memories of my read more »

Using Eclipse to Develop Processing Sketches

I’ve been using the Processing IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to develop, however it has many shortcomings compared to a real IDE, for example: No code completion No auto formatting of code No built in testing tools! <– this is the most important The list goes on actually.  While Eclipse has its own share of read more »

Maker Faire Presentation Times

Eric Anzelc and I will be presenting our nanobrewery project at Maker Faire this coming weekend. Saturday, May 18th 4:30pm, Electronics Stage Sunday, May 19th 2:30pm, Electronics Stage Oh, and the project now has a name:

How to Homebrew Video

This is the original step by step homebrewing video Ben Krasnow and I made in… 2007?  We didn’t quite know what was important in the process and what wasn’t, but the video came out fairly well.  It’s a bit long at over 7 minutes and I have a much shorter version in the works.

Dedicated Page for the Brewery Up

Check out the page I’ve created for the nanobrewery project.  Included currently are links to the code on bitbucket and a gallery.  Schematics to come.  Actually, if anyone has suggestion on free, easy to use schematic software, I’d love to have some suggestions.  I tried out Eagle and a few others and made very little read more »

Nanobrewery Control Software Available for Download

The code for the graphical user interface for the nanobrewery is now available online at BitBucket under the GPL v3 license.  I won’t lie, it’s not the easiest thing to implement– you’ll have to customize it the various variables for your own application.  It also always chooses the 2nd COM port in the system to communicate read more »

Processing Arduino/Firmata Analog Pins 6 to 15 not working

Firmata is a project that allows the pins of an Arduino to controlled via the Arduino’s serial port.  It supports various revs of the Arduino, the Mega1280 and 2560, Teensy 1-3, Teensy++, etc.  Processing has a library posted on their webpage to interface with Firmata, but the library only supports the standard Arduino (I’m assuming read more »

Testing Whether an Arduino’s Analog Pins Still Work

Shorted some pins in an Arduino project. Some of the analog pins were reading 0, but this could be due to multiple reasons.  Did we fry some of the Arduino’s analog pins?  I disconnected the Arduino and wrote a quick program to check the analog pins, this one for Mega2560.  Just change the for loop’s read more »

Motherlode Brewery: Introduction

I don’t remember exactly how it started, but in October 2011, Eric and I decided it would be a good idea to build a brewery. Eric had just gotten his Master Brewing certification after completing the Master Brewing Program at UC Davis, coincidentally where I got my Computer Science and Engineering degree years earlier.  We’d read more »

It’ll Only Be 5 Minutes I Promise…

Engineers are not known for accurately estimating effort.  My wife has a shorthand she uses with me: multiply the shortest reasonable time by 3 to get the actual time.  Across projects with many tasks, this is surprisingly accurate but it does go wrong sometimes. While doing some project management research, I came across this more read more »